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being touchstarved makes u absolutely buckwild when someone does smth simple like .share a chair with u

like having someone touch your hand with the tips of their fingers shouldn’t feel like So Much it shouldn’t feel like your whole body is going into anaphylactic shock but here we are. here we are.

ok 2 many of u relate

Someone gave me a compliment and reached out and squeezed my hand and I fell in love and couldn’t speak for several minutes

I was just gonna type this in the tags but I have to say this.

Growing up in North America is surreal
Every tiny little blip of physical affection is deemed as sexual interest.
Boys aren’t allowed to hug eachother because “that’s gay.”
Girls can’t hold hands because “are they going out?”
And GOD FORBID a female friend hugs a male friend.

Having lived in the Netherlands, and reading up about shit like this, Canadians and Americans are starving

I went to Japan for a school trip in 2012. I went to a highschool there.
There were boys hugging, lounging on those blue gym floor mats, holding hands, trowing their arms around eachother.
I was startled by how shocked I was.

This mentality of “if you’re touching you must have sexual interest in the other person” is so fucking disgusting. Hug your friends. Hold hands with them. Touch their hands when you want to reassure them.

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